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Kanepi Wireless
Infrastructure Solution

Gain up to 80% cost savings while wirelessly managing your facility’s energy consumption remotely.

Kanepi - wireless and fully flexible mesh networkTenesis is a proud supplier of the Kanepi wireless energy management system. The only truly wireless and fully flexible mesh network, Kanepi system enables you to monitor and control lighting and other electronically powered assets remotely, securely and effortlessly whether you need to upgrade your existing hi-bay or low-bay fixtures, retrofit linear fluorescent fixtures and spec Kanepi in your design-build applications. This wireless mesh system can help you save up to 80% in energy costs, increase building control, and improve your bottom line with a typical payback of 1.5 years or less.

Kanepi Wireless  Infrastructure Solution

Wireless Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Enables easy scheduling and control of energy usage through a system that senses and responds instantly to changes in occupancy, capacity or temperature.
  • Lighting fixtures form the backbone of the Kanepi wireless network providing you with simple and efficient control anywhere your lighting systems go.
  • Expand your control beyond lighting to cover HVAC, security and more, reducing environmental impact while making your organization more efficient, more productive and sustainable.
  • Achieve peak efficiency at the lowest possible cost — it’s good for the environment, good for your bottom line.
  • Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Formerly Epact2005), installing Kanepi systems can qualify you for a tax deduction of up to 60 cents per square foot.
  • Systems are scalable and expandable with a proven open systems protocol based on the Zigbee® 802.15.4 standard to support growth and change.
  • Major clients include Knoll, Herman Miller, PNC, Southern California EDISON, Spartan Stores, Saddle Creek, Cox, Armstrong, Zeledyne, New Jersey Convention Center, Trendway and many others.

Discover how wireless infrastructure solutions are changing the future of energy management. Be sure to ask us about Kanepi system. For a free energy audit please contact us today!